Lighting Design

Lighting Design Services

Lighting Design ServicesLighting Design – At IEC we believe good lighting design requires more than an electrical layout. It must balance the specific needs and schedules of the occupants with a building’s use of daylight and interaction with the building’s mechanical systems. Quality electric lighting varies by task and by source, and creates an attractive and effective environment while using the minimum amount of energy necessary.

Our Lighting Design Services include:

  • Control System Specification
  • Daylighting Analysis and Design
  • Decorative and Special Purpose Lighting
  • Lighting Commissioning Plans
  • Lighting Demand and Energy Analysis
  • Lighting Photometric Calculations
  • Lighting Surveys and Audits
  • Luminaire Selections and Specifications

The lighting design professionals at IEC have developed an enviable reputation in design excellence from the simple lighting of a small object to the demanding task of lighting a new building complex. Whether the project is commercial or industrial, new construction or restoration, our lighting design staff can design/engineer, purchase, install and test to our clients exacting standards.

At IEC, Inc. we specialize in providing exceptional service and results beyond our clients expectations. Contact us for more information.